I’ve been sober for a year. And I know that doesn’t erase the things that I did.


that’s it that’s the show

but guys 

they didn’t even mention adam last night in supernatural retrospective

they forgot about adam again

my anaconda dont want none unless you got buns hun

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what is it called when u kill a friend




Holland Roden for BCBGeneration
  • fall: wears hoodies
  • winter: wears hoodies
  • spring: wears hoodies with sleeves rolled up
  • summer: turns up ac and wears hoodies

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There are many levels to my shipping:

  • nOTP, like just, no
  • Kinda ship it where I like the idea but don’t really want them to get together
  • Definitely shipping but not obsessive about them - will reblog or like when they appear on dashboard. Won’t read much fanfics…
They will learn what true power is.


Teen Wolf: Allison Argent [ISFJ]

Introverted Sensing (Si): profound knowing about how things have always been, which influences how they should be done. Aware of what doesn’t change. Holds to what is lasting. When presented with new information, details of past experience are triggered. Measure what is new against the past. Recalls with accurate detail how something was before and how it differs from now. Reviewing the past to draw on the lessons of history, hindsight, and experience. Gather lots of information. Trust common experience and feel energized by participating in traditions. Like to follow the work, ideas, and examples of others who have come before, to pass them on and succeed. Takes comfort in routine.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): tuning in to what is important to others, supporting a sense of unity or culture within a group. Recognize the importance of shared values and social norms. Work to help the group adhere to those norms. Easily sympathize with others. Pull to be responsible for and take care of others feelings. Sensitive to others’ opinions of them. Easily give affirmation, praise, warmth, and respect to others. At ease making people feel comfortable.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): enjoy learning theories, models, and frameworks aimed at solving real people and tangible problems. Like to state ideas clearly. Notice logical inconsistencies. Enjoy analyzing past experience and history’s lessons. Able to sort and assist people.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): desire to see hidden meanings and connections, but likely to dismiss abstract ideas as meaningless. Prone to stick to literal interpretations rather than looser ones.

Allison Argent is most comfortable with routine and predictability. When given the chance to change up her weapon of choice and become “an Argent Hunter,” she chooses to stick to what she knows – arrows. She has a good memory for details and likes to get the facts of a situation before acting on it. Allison frequently consults the Beastiary for the wisdom of former Hunters when dealing with new problems. doesn’t deviate from what she has been taught, but relies on practical, established methods to get the job done. Allison has a strong desire to uphold her family values and protect society from evil influences (Si). She becomes a hunter because of family influence and dynamics, and a desire to please her father. However, she disapproves of their all-or-none stance when it comes to werewolves. Her compassion allows her to connect easily to others. She is quick to assert or even deny her true feelings but also prefers to keep harmony among her friends, and does all she can to protect them and help them solve their problems (Fe).

She prefers not to discuss her thoughts with others, but instead to reason out what to her seems like a logical action and then take it, which means she often allows her emotions to govern her actions (Ti). Allison is good at managing people and situations. She searches for hidden patterns and meaning, exploring her dad’s desk for clues as to what he’s up to and connecting that to previously learned information. She figures out how to defeat the shadow demons, but is not always quick to latch on to a new idea (inferior Ne).




omg please watch this